Noddy Party Summary
Please see below for information relevant to the Noddy Children's party
  • !!!!You can bring your own food, but please note we will be selling boerie rolls as well!!!!
  • You don't need to print this email, your name will be on the register at the gate
  • It's best to arrive around 6.15pm to get a good seat
  • The address is 1 Chess Road, Claremont, the castle makes it hard to miss.
  • Parking is available near the entrance gate located at the Western Province Cricket Club side of the community centre
  • For the sake of the elves please mark your children's gifts clearly
  • If you have a last minute addition to your party, please just pay their entry fee at the gate
  • Remember to bring something warm to wear, it's Cape Town after all
  • The elves are partial to chocolate
  • The clowns and goblins might try to steal your socks
  • Rudolph has hay-fever so he prefers to stay inside the castle